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You may already know that we broke the story on the gross under-valuations (40% on average) that large-scale commercial developers and land speculators are getting in Travis County – not to mention throughout the state.  Our May 2011 City Council Candidate Questionnaire (question 1) shows you how a staggering $376M per year in missed collections has resulted from these under-appraisals — giveaways, to Austin’s wealthiest.

This section is meant to be your one-stop shop for fighting unfair property tax valuations.  If your property has been over-valued by your county Appraisal District, start by reviewing our slide show here on how to file an effective appraisal protest. Then watch our mock hearing video under this button.  Then check out the other sub-pages under this “Property Tax” page.   We also have a yahoo online group you can join to ask and help answer questions about property tax appraisal issues, including protests.  (Send a note to to join.)

Check out what Brian Rodgers had to say about this last year.

Add to this the property tax giveaways to bogus historic properties on Austin’s west side.

See what premiere historic preservationist, Rick Harden, had to say about it.

More information can be found at for core data supporting our claim that the costs of growth are being offloaded by developers and land speculators to residents, creating a perfect storm for change — we hope for the better — in central Texas.

Get involved y’all!


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