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  • Robert Morrow says:


    From Robert Morrow conservative activist
    512-306-1510 Austin, TX
    Head of the C.R.A.P coalition – Conservative Republicans Against Perry

    Rick Perry is the biggest FRAUD and PHONY in American politics today. Rick Perry has done nothing but promote BIG government for 9 years. Rick Perry is pushed through a gargantuan toll road taxing and spending scheme, the biggest tax increase in Texas history, billions and billions of dollars, all for his special interest toll road friends.
    Not only that Perry promoted a NEW BUSINESS MARGINS TAX, a small business killer passed 2 years ago. Yet he has the nerve to come to a Tea Party anti-tax rally. I am not supporting this idiot. I am for anybody BUT Rick Perry.
    Then Rick Perry tried to force every 12 year girl in Texas to take a MANDATORY HPV VACCINE SHOT, a huge infringement on parental rights, with the parents forced to pay $400 for the shot.
    Rick Perry says he is for states rights, but HE IS FOR THE UNITED NATIONS! He goes to a Tea Party, yet he has tea time with the globalist Bilderbergers when no one is looking – TWICE he has gone there, and they sure don’t believe in the US Constitution.
    Rick Perry is desperate; I think he is beginning to figure out that he can’t win on pro-life alone, while being funded with toll road money.
    I am for ANYONE but Rick Perry in 2010.


    Robert Morrow conservative activist Austin, TX

    CRAP coalition – Conservatives Against Rick Perry


    “Are you sick of Rick Perry’s BIG government CRAP?


    It is time to flush Rick Perry’s CRAP agenda down the toilet. Rick Perry gives a speech at a Tea Party rally but all he does is promote TAXING, TOLLING, BIG SPENDING and BIG GOVERNMENT when. What kind of big government CRAP does Rick Perry promote?

    CRAP #1 Trans Texas Corridor and the gargantuan, multi-billion dollar toll road fiasco. The TTC and the toll roads are the biggest TAXING, SPENDING AND TOLLING increase in the history of Texas! The toll road scam screws Texas taxpayers, consumers, drivers and landowners. Rick Perry shoved toll roads down the throats of millions of Texans. It is a prime example of the big government, pro-tax, pro-toll agenda of Rick Perry. Then he wants to sell these roads off for quick cash like a fool.

    CRAP #2 How about that NEW business margins tax that Rick Perry pushed through in 2007? These victims get to pay taxes on some formula of the total revenue of their companies. That means these small companies pay taxes on revenue, not income or profits. So you still pay taxes even if you are losing money!! That’s Rick Perry CRAP.

    CRAP #3 Rick Perry tried to mandate that all the young girls in Texas be FORCED to take an HPV vaccine! That was a tremendous invasion into the FAMILY LIVES of millions of Texans and this idiotic Big Brother CRAP is reason enough to vote for anyone but Perry. Rick Perry wants to stick a needle filled with a possibly dangerous, probably ineffective chemical into the arms of every 6th grade girl in Texas.

    CRAP #4 It was really tragic for Rick Perry to support the raid in the FLDS community and removal of 439 children from their parents on the basis of an out-of-state crank phone call. Think of all the tears, trauma and family destruction that Rick Perry and an out-of-control Child “Protective” Services caused when they pulled that CRAP. As of today, all but ONE of the children have been sent back to their parents; it just shows you what CRAP this case was.

    CRAP #5 Texas Enterprise Fund. That is Rick Perry’s slush fund to dole out your money to political supporters. Looks some socialistic/fascist CRAP to me.

    CRAP #6 How about that $3 Billion for medical research pork barrel for that Lance Armstrong cancer deal? More BIG GOVERNMENT from Rick Perry. Or banning smoking in all those restaurants and bars? Or the $5 door fee Rick Perry supported to TAX every patron of a topless club? What CRAP, he wants to oppress strippers and their patrons now! Whether you are at home, driving on a road, running a business, raising a daughter, or dancing at a topless bar, Rick Perry wants BIG Government to be there with you, taxing you, tolling you, sticking needles in your daughter, and taking $5 every time you go to a topless bar. It is time to flush out Rick Perry’s CRAP!

    Robert Morrow

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