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Brian Rodgers Testifies Against Water Rate Hikes


Brian Rodgers presents his research into the negative impacts of rate hikes for water treatment in Central Texas.

3 Responses to Brian Rodgers Testifies Against Water Rate Hikes

  1. Sadly, Austinites are getting what they deserve. The same kind of people keep getting elected to office in this city: glassy-eyed ideologues who profess to care for the poorest among us, but whose policies make this city too expensive for those of modest means to live in, and lately, those of moderate means. Pie-in-the -sky green energy, over-the-top water projects, multi-million dollar boardwalks for joggers – the profligate spending programs are endless. Meanwhile, city council expends its energy on railing against Arizona. It’s a Roman farce. The school district is no different. A bond issue financing a $40 million performing arts center was passed by the voters. What ever became of school auditoriums? What Austin needs is a sensible person in charge with a chair and a whip, but it will never happen.

  2. Never say never Edward – voters still have time and opportunity and more and more people are seeing what’s going on here, and moreover, can’t afford to look the other way. Thanks for chiming in. Linda Curtis

  3. Every time I see the council brush us off like houseflies, I start wondering what it’s going to take to shake some fear into them, since sense doesn’t seem to be working. We need a massive swell. Linda, Brian, I want to get this out to more young people, young Austin natives and the others who are increasingly making Austin their home. When is the next press conference?


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