Water Treatment Plant #4

There’s been a long standing fight to delay building Water Treatment Plant #4 (WTP4). Local environmentalists, conservationists, fiscal watchdogs and even the founder of the City’s Water and Waste Water Commission have bemoaned the waste —  of both tax dollars and water — involved in this true $1.3 billion boondoggle.  The debate is so hot on this that there was even a three-hour City sponsored debate on the subject you can watch we have linked to here.  Here’s a bunch more on the related land scam. Or you can watch some of the more interesting portions of it here:

Here’s an article we published at AustinPost.org just following the WTP4 debate.

You can also watch a short video of Brian Rodgers and Linda Curtis at one of the public hearings on WTP4 in 2009 and the June 2010 testimony by ace researcher Scott Henson on the potential for a 74% water rate increase in just 5 years – posted below.

Come May 2011, we will be making sure the Austin public knows about the Council’s “Wasteful 4″ who pushed for this terrible project for our region.  They are Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez, and Councilwomen Cheryl Cole and Randi Shade. Shade, thought to be the “swing vote” amongst the the Wasteful 4, is up for reelection in May 2011.

Last, but not least, is a local group, Stop the Shafts, organizing to stop the drilling planned for this project.

Curtis & Rodgers on why we should all be concerned about WTP4.

Scott Henson warning the Council on expected Austin 74% water rates.


7 Responses to Water Treatment Plant #4

  • Frances A. Brookins says:

    No more taxes on water, please.

    Water rates are too high now!

  • La Dana Scott says:

    I do not want my water bill to increase anymore. Do you not know there is alot of people are out of jobs. Oh I know you don’t care. START NOW. I did not ask for this new water treatment. Why should you make my decisions for me. Maybe you should pay may water bill.

  • James M. White says:

    leave our already expensive water rates alone, we have noticed how high they are now.

  • Marjorie Webb says:

    One would have to be CRAZY to vote to start this new water treatment plant given the current economy. One reason people move here is because of the conservation of natural resourses this city embraces. If you raise the water rates, we will certainly lose our rating as one of the best places in the south to live. I carefully considered the cost of utilities before choosing to move into this city. A rate increase such as you propose will likely be the straw that breaks my ability to afford the load of living here. I am 68 yrs old, on a limited fixed income…. how am I supposed to continue? I’ll tell you what will happen. ALL Lawns will die and few of us will have the resourses to replace them with alternative ecologically sound alternatives. Does anyone think THAT will make this city an attractive place to live? Surely the city council and the water board have enough smarts to arrive at a better solution than starting a new water plant project at this time.

  • Ovelia R Smith says:

    Please do not increase the water rates, I am in a fixed income retired from the City Austin and I have not had a raise in 6 years or longer PLEASE DO NOT RAISE THE FEE’S

  • June Runkle says:

    We do not need more water utility plants, especially since our water is high enough as
    it is. This is absolutely ridiculous. What did people of old times do????They caught the
    water in rain barrels and kept it to water plants and even washed their clothes in it. As long as we have a lid on the barrel to keep out mosquitos and their larvae. The answer is conservation, efficiency,etc. Thank you, June Runkle

  • richard J. dinda says:

    Nite to city council: your taxpayers cannot suffer another more-than-significant elevation of the cost of living in Austin. Since I retired in 1992, my taxes have doubled. Just last year my health coverage increase took another $35/mo. from the set income.
    This new water plant will be the ultimate straw. Austin is not weird; it’s leadership seems to be marching onward without a compass to a destination which has no relationship to reality. For the last fifty years the same leadership seems committed to anyhing but the truth. I remember the promises of no tax support for the new Austin Community College. Sure! Fresh in my memory is the new race track just outside ABIA – so during race week, how will people get to and from the airport if it will take 12 hours to clear the area of race traffic? yeah!
    Get real. I can’t afford a lot of things. So I don’t buy them with someone else’s money. Austin can’t afford another water plant, so don’t buy one with my money.

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