ChangeAustin.org is dedicated to bringing ordinary voters of all persuasions and Austin’s local businesses to City Hall to demand fiscal restraint, open government, and that growth should pay for itself.  In essence, we are about building a cross-partisan movement for political reform. (Be sure to read more about us under the About tab.)


2 Responses to Mission

  • Congratulations and Thank you for bringing your organization to the issues that are important. Your contributions to Austin is an education for all to take responsibility for our city. The issues of growth and fiscal responsibility are long due the focus you are providing.

    Thank You

    Peter Steinhardt
    4518 Apache Pass
    Austin, Texas 78745

  • Linda Curtis says:

    Thank you Peter!

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ChangeAustin Supporters holding signs that spell Voter Revolt Dog and pony show ChangeAustin.org at the 2009 MLK March Water Treatment Plant #4 Debate, 2009. 10-1 revolt Lorri Michel Bill Alshire Austin CIty Council Brian Rodgers with then Travis County Chief Appraiser, testifying at the Travis County Commissioners Court. Tax protest a the Travis County Appraisal District, 2009 Tax protest a the Travis County Appraisal District, 2009

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