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Reply Request: What Would YOU ask the Candidates?

We have a simple request. What questions would you like the candidates running for Austin City Council to answer? Send us your ideas (use the comment box below or send us email.)

Early voting begins on May 2. We want to get them our questionnaire next Monday. We will then publish the information shortly thereafter.

Linda Curtis & Brian Rodgers
PO Box 6718
Austin, TX 78762
512-535-0989 office
512-657-2089 cell (text us here too)

Rescheduled w/Aleshire to Feb. 17th

Due to weather and power outages, we are canceling tomorrow night’s meeting and rescheduling it for Thursday, February 17th @ 6:30 pm @ the same location – Austin Energy, 721 Barton Springs Road, Assembly Room (downstairs). Please spread the word for us.

If you’re sitting at home, trying to stay warm, you might read the latest @ — HOT off the press! Council Member Martinez spills more beans on the Austin City Council’s Open Meetings foibles. Compare what he says with the Attorney General’s video, a state required certification for all Council Members. Do Martinez’ admissions violate the Open Meetings Act? Decide for yourself.

Stay warm and be safe.

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Ben Franklin

Comprehensive Plan-Imagine Austin

Thanks to those who were able to attend our meeting on the Comprehensive Plan-Imagine Austin.  Report below.

We “imagined”:

1.  An affordable city – the City should put on a summit and listen.
2.  Growth Pays for Itself – developers pay their fair share, imagine that!
3.  A bus rapid transit system!  (rather than paid for by regressive taxation)
4.  Accountable government – like the on-year November election date the Mayor touted during this campaign.
5.  Energy and water conservation – duh, this is Austin, remember?