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Homeowners & Renters Unite!

We have taken somewhat of a break but are now fully back in the saddle getting organized for forums starting on Saturday, April 17th through the end of May, assisting homeowners on protesting their property taxes. (For details coming soon, please check back here and/or sign up to get our emails on right hand side of this page.)

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Will Travis Co. Listen to the Little Guy & Gal?

10:30 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday), Brian Rodgers will address the Travis County Commissioner’s Court along with Chief Appraiser, Patrick Brown.

Rodgers, co-founder, founder of and a longtime commercial real estate investor himself, will discuss the under-valuation of large commercial properties in Travis County.  Brown will respond and Rodgers will have an opportunity to rebut.

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Guess who’s not paying their property taxes…

Property      Location             Sales Date        Sales Price       Tax Appraisal

16.8 acres    Hwy 71/620       May 2007        $11.2 million    $ 3.7 million

18.5 acres    Comanche Tr.     April 2006       $ 5.5 million     $  840,000

Downtown    401 Guadalupe    March 2007      $ 4.8 million    $ 1.07 million

Downtown    68-74 Rainey      October 2007   $ 3.2 million     $  753,600

389 acres     Hwy 71@FM 973  June 2006       $28.5 million    $ 6.6 million

*** and many, many more examples available upon request ***

While homeowners pay 100% of our property taxes, large commercial owners (largely out-of-state speculators and big developers) have been getting a 40% property tax break — for years!

Why are Austin homeowners fighting for scraps at the tax appraisal hearings when the big guys get off the hook?

“The Appraisal District actually threatened me that if I kept pressing my point to lower the appraisal on my home, they would raise it!”an Anonymous Travis County citizen.

Is this is why 95,000 Travis County residents are
protesting their property taxes?

Join us for an old-fashioned tax protest!

Thursday, July 16th, High Noon
Travis Central Appraisal District Offices Outside
8314 Cross Park Drive, Austin, TX 78754

Bring your kids, your dogs, your pitch forks and don’t forget yourself!!!

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