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Did the Downtown Alliance Spend Public Money Illegally?

Before you run off to give thanks and stuff yourselves, we have this stuff for ya!

*  News Flash! 

Dowtown Austin Alliance
Dowtown Austin Alliance

We decided to go after what we believe to be illegal campaign spending by the Downtown Austin Alliance, which spent $440,000 of public money to push the recent rail plan.

Read this Austin Bulldog Article – Brian Rodgers warns city of potential criminal violation!

*  New Flash! 

Do you realize that early voting for 8 out of 11 seats on the Council starts next Monday?!

We proudly endorse the following: (for details read more here)

Please pass this on and vote next week!

District 1:  Ora Houston
District 3:  Susana Almanza
District 4:  Your have two great choices — Casar or Pressley
District 7:  Leslie Pool
District 8:  Ed Scruggs

*  News Flash!  Parkland Update! 

The Council majority practically gave Mayor Lee Leffingwell a heart attack calling to postpone the decision for the Decker Lake high-end golf courses until February for the new Council. Instead, they opted to postpone it until December 11th, the last meeting of the current Austin City Council. We’re praying they leave the new Council a wonderful present. That would be the opportunity to come up with a better plan for Walter E. Long Park, minus high-end golf courses to serve the downtown hotels.

We here at wish you the lovely Thanksgiving. See you on Monday with early voting!

PS Read this special submission from Roger Baker (Austin’s very own “Road Scholar”) entitled, “CAMPO’s $32 Billion Congestion Nightmare“.

Parkland Heist Update

Come tell City staff what you think of their 735-acre parkland heist at their open house tomorrow — at Morris Williams golf course 3851 Manor Road from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. We’ll be there at 4:30.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, write your council members and come to City Hall on Thursday. Details to follow.

Watch this quick video of District 1 candidate, Ora Houston’s testimony before the Parks Commission recently:

Use the information on the post below to contact the Council now. Thank you Austin!

Don’t let them take our parkland.

We just ran this full page ad in the Chronicle. Please take action and share it. We’ll be back with more soon!


Mayor Lee Leffingwell: 512-974-2250  *  
Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole: 512-974-2266  *
Councilman Chris Riley: 512-974-2260  *
Councilman Mike Martinez: 512-974-2264  *
Councilwoman Kathie Tovo: 512-974-2255  * 
Councilwoman Laura Morrison: 512-974-2258  *
Councilman Bill Spelman: 512-974-2256  *  

PS Y’all are invited to Wimberley on Saturday, November 22 to help put a stop to the water grabs…more here.

Tell the outgoing Council Hell NO to this 11th hour giveaway!

See the light green area?  That’s 735 acres of parkland that the City Council & Mayor are rushing to hand over to private interests for two high-end golf courses until the year 2105. It’s an area twice as big as Zilker Park and larger than Mueller.

They want to ram it thru on November 20th. Email the Mayor & Council: Hell No to the Decker Lake Golf Courses!

“A golf course closes every 48 hours in this country. Golf is dying on a limb.”
NBC Sports Anchor David Briggs

“Golf has been a crummy business for a long time,” said Paul Swinand, an analyst at Morningstar Inc. in Chicago.

Bloomberg quoted the National Golf Foundation as saying 200,000 players ages 35 and younger “abandoned the game” over the past year.

The City of Austin just bought the Grey Rock Golf Club in March for $9.8 million in Circle C and our municipal courses are running at only 35-40% capacity. Why give up precious parkland for a declining sport?

PS  We helped bring you 10-1 to stop these farcical giveaways. Polls are open from 7 to 7 and you can now vote at any location!

Use it or lose it on Tuesday, Austin!
Change Austin Scorecard

Steal this election for Austin!

FB_robberPostThe Austin Board of Realtors has given the largest contribution — by far — to a single candidate in this election. That would be the $50,000 given to Robert Thomas in District 10. But what is ABOR asking for in return? ABOR does not disclose this on their website nor did they return Ken Martin’s call from does not dispute that groups should be allowed to raise and spend money to influence elections. After all, we are a PAC.

What we would dispute, however, is that there are PACs that do not disclose exactly what they’re asking the candidates to support.

On the other hand, we have done your homework for you, and we’ve made it abundantly clear exactly what we’re asking the candidates to do:

Read it, share it and steal back Austin!:
We have endorsed Jason Meeker in City Council District 10, the mighty Northwest.
And, please vote for Tim Mahoney, ACC-Place 1.

PS Today is the last day of early voting. Some polls are open ’til 9 pm tonight, such as the Highland Mall! (check here)

Thank you Austin!

(You might find Martin’s piece about this of interest!)

Steal this election Austin

The first election under the new Austin City Council 10-1 Voting System is a test, Austin. Will you grab the power you are entitled to, to cast an informed vote to take our city back from those who continue to offload the costs of growth on to backs of current residents? Or will you say to all of the newcomers, “Welcome to Austin, but pay your own way?”

Click right here to get your power, Austin!

Read it, share it and steal this election for yourself!
City elections are non-partisan! Be a small “i” independent voter — vote for Meeker!

Meet Jason, Sam and Stephanie.
Meet Jason, Sam and Stephanie.

Vote Jason Meeker – City Council District 10, the mighty Northwest Austin!

We’ve known Jason Meeker for 8 years.
He was there when we founded
We know he has what it takes to stand up to the Austin real estate growth lobby.
Check his answers and pass it on to your NW friends!

Check Jason’s answers and 40 other candidates running for Austin City Council!
Find your district and READ what the candidates actually SAY — IT’S REVEALING!

Want to help our online social networking (and cheap!) ad campaign?
Make a donation today or contact us to help!