Taxpayer Handout to Schwab…3 days notice!

You know there’s something really wrong when the Austin Business Journal starts sounding like the Rag Blog. But when it comes to a taxpayer handout to Schwab — that the County and the Company have been hiding until the last minute — it appears that we’re all in this together.

Travis County Commissioners Court will vote tomorrow on a $8.5M (over 10 years) subsidy that includes a $3.6M County grant to Schwab. They gave our community 3 days notice on this one. Whupdedoo!

If it passes, you can expect Governor Rick Perry to be happy as a pig in slop. He can follow by throwing Schwab an additional $4.5M grant of state taxpayer dollars.

Message to Travis County Commissioners:  Please make our day. Austin taxpayers are already chomping at the bit for a full-on voter revolt. You can give us one more, if you like.

OK, let’s say you think we need the jobs and you believe this company and you believe the Governor. Why wouldn’t they include a strong local hiring component — say 90%? Let’s see what they do tomorrow.

Where are the mayoral and city council candidates on stopping the bleeding of Austin taxpayers? Start asking them, folks.

Very soon, we will give you some of what you need to get all the hogs out of the trough before it runs dry.

Stay tuned and get ready…our day is coming.

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click here for the article in the Austin Business Journal
click here for a letter to the Travis County Commissioners Court by Austin resident, David King

Here’s where you can reach the Commissioners:

PS  Folks, please get your friends to sign up to receive our emails. Austin voters passed 10-1 to have a chance to take back our city. That time is nigh!


Property Tax Forum Saturday!

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We love toll roads, don’t you?

We figured that subject line that we love toll roads might get ya! Austin Traffic and Growth Causing Nightmares

News Flash!

  • 30,000 more cars and trucks on
  • Mopac every day!
  • Mopac converted to I-35 West!

This is what happens if local and state officials spend hundreds of millions of our tax dollars connecting South Mopac to I-35 and expanding Mopac from Cesar Chavez to the Wildflower Center.

OF MOPAC INTO INTERSTATE 35 WEST – no toll roads please!

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