Property Tax Forum Saturday!

138Since 2009, has been working in a variety of ways to address the unfair burden placed on homeowners under a property tax system that badly needs reform. We are delighted that many of the candidates running for City Council in November are beginning to address these issues.

Please consider attending this important Property Tax Forum with former Travis County Judge Bill Aleshire, Chief Appraiser, Marya Crigler, Travis County Tax Office COO, Tina Mortan and our own Brian Rodgers. Continue reading →

We love toll roads, don’t you?

We figured that subject line that we love toll roads might get ya! Austin Traffic and Growth Causing Nightmares

News Flash!

  • 30,000 more cars and trucks on
  • Mopac every day!
  • Mopac converted to I-35 West!

This is what happens if local and state officials spend hundreds of millions of our tax dollars connecting South Mopac to I-35 and expanding Mopac from Cesar Chavez to the Wildflower Center.

OF MOPAC INTO INTERSTATE 35 WEST – no toll roads please!

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Criminal complaint filed on SH-45


Criminal Complaint

Save Our Springs Alliance filed this criminal complaint this morning concerning Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty’s alleged violations (based on Daugherty’s own sworn testimony) of the Texas Public Information and Local Government Records Act. It appears that Gerald has been withholding and destroying records, holding committee meetings without notice to the public and not even taking minutes of these meetings, related to the SH-45 project.
Also today, Statesman transportation writer Ben Wear had this piece in paper (minus the criminal complaint). This confirms we’re looking at a 2-3 minute relief in drive time for Hays County commuters and piddling relief to Brodie. That’s what your $100M investment in SH-45 (the so-called toll road over the aquifer) gets ya!
This is the lunacy and legacy of traffic “relief” brought to you by your local and state officials. They are in our humble opinion, rolling over for Hays County land speculators and developers.

If you want to do something, you can send an email/letter from this site to Keep MoPAC local, but mark our words, your best bet is to start getting ready to clean house next November in the City Council races.

ChangeAustin Supporters holding signs that spell Voter Revolt Dog and pony show at the 2009 MLK March Water Treatment Plant #4 Debate, 2009. 10-1 revolt Lorri Michel Bill Alshire Austin CIty Council Brian Rodgers with then Travis County Chief Appraiser, testifying at the Travis County Commissioners Court. Tax protest a the Travis County Appraisal District, 2009 Tax protest a the Travis County Appraisal District, 2009

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