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What’s the Dealey, really!?

Meet Jason, Sam and Stephanie.
Meet Jason, Sam and Stephanie.

What we love most about this election is that there’s a horse race — that was why helped pass the new 10-1 voting system and why we’re supporting Jason Meeker in District 10. You can compare all Council and Mayoral candidates under the “Council Election” menu item above or right here.

Today, one of the candidates in District 10 (NW Austin), Mandy Dealey, put out an email stating that: “Yesterday, a local political action committee declared that they would be spending $50,000 to help one of my opponents.” She goes on to say that District 10 is “not for sale to any special interests.” Well, ok…we agree.

But, what’s most revealing is what Dealey leaves out. The candidate receiving this $50,000 spending windfall is Robert Thomas and the special interest is the Austin Board of Realtors (here’s the disclosure). Thomas is most surely the “growthiest” candidate in the race and will unabashedly serve the “bigger is better” growth coalition.

Neither Thomas nor Dealey will stand up to those who are driving subsidized growth and its intimate partner — growing unaffordability – as we learned from their answers to our questionnaire right here.

We’ve known Jason Meeker for 8 years.
He was there when we founded
We know he has what it takes to stand up to the Austin real estate growth lobby.
Check his answers too

Folks, there’s only one thing money can’t buy. It’s your activism!

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