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The first election under the new Austin City Council 10-1 Voting System is a test, Austin. Will you grab the power you are entitled to, to cast an informed vote to take our city back from those who continue to offload the costs of growth on to backs of current residents? Or will you say to all of the newcomers, “Welcome to Austin, but pay your own way?”

Click right here to get your power, Austin!

Read it, share it and steal this election for yourself!
City elections are non-partisan! Be a small “i” independent voter — vote for Meeker!

Meet Jason, Sam and Stephanie.
Meet Jason, Sam and Stephanie.

Vote Jason Meeker – City Council District 10, the mighty Northwest Austin!

We’ve known Jason Meeker for 8 years.
He was there when we founded
We know he has what it takes to stand up to the Austin real estate growth lobby.
Check his answers and pass it on to your NW friends!

Check Jason’s answers and 40 other candidates running for Austin City Council!
Find your district and READ what the candidates actually SAY — IT’S REVEALING!

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