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This 2011 election was about 3  incumbents and the cost of growth as City leaders continue to fan the flames of out-of-control growth — with current residents shouldering the increasingly unbearable costs.  The Austin American Statesman just reported Austin property taxes next year could rise to the limit allowed before a public vote is required.

Who will fight to keep your cost of living down? It’s up to you Austin – take charge before they charge you!  You can also check out this site thoroughly to better inform yourself.  Our next big effort is on gaining geographic representation for Austin voters.

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Place 1 Questionnaire Austin City Council Candidates 2011

Place 3 Questionnaire Austin City Council Candidates 2011

Place 4 Austin City Council Candidates Questionnaire 2011

Watch the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum here:


2 Responses to Archive-Austin City Council

  • Steve Speir says:

    Basically the same old song and dance: Our hands are tied in restricting growth (except when we choose to) and our solution to the budget is to load higher and higher property taxes on to those least able to pay them — the central and east side homeowners. And any suggestion of limiting the pay to the over paid fat cats at Austin Energy is completely off the table. Can’t even be discussed.

    Oh…and the obligatory tap dance about how much they love Austin music and bicycles. And how effective New Urbanism is — even though we now have another 25,000 home starts just announced in Southeast Austin and another 9,000 along the Interstate toward Hays County. Yes sir, that New Urbanism approach is working like a charm!

    If we ever do get a single member districts we need to be ready with GOOD candidates who KNOW THE ISSUES and who can win! No more clown acts, resume padders and chamber front men.

    Surely, in a town the size of Austin, we can find five or six honest, intelligent people to run for office who simply want to make Austin a better place to live.

  • Linda Curtis says:

    Can’t agree with you more, Steve.

    Geographic representation (single-member districts) is not a panacea — you have you use them!

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