Join/Take Action!

Take the Steps:

First, become a member of  Dues are just $20 for the year, or consider becoming a sustainer member for as little as $5 per month. Membership entitles you to vote on our endorsements. (And, if money’s short, you can volunteer a few hours for payment of dues.)

Second, are you active in your community? Many of our members are already doing things in their area.  We will hook you up with others or help you with something you’re already involved in.  Contact us and let’s talk about it.

ThirdVolunteer! is an activist organization — therefore, we need you and your activism!  If you really want to get involved, please contact us by calling 512-535-0989 or email us at .  We have things for you to do right there in your home or neighborhood, or you can join us out in the community.

Now let’s get busy taking back our City, our County and region!


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