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Why we want Ott to go. Show up Thursday!

We rarely ask you to show up, do we? This one’s a must do.

This Thursday, March 24, 6:30-8:30 pm  Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 6.13.52 AM
Austin Energy Community Room
721 Barton Springs Road

Plenty of seats are left, so just come!

We, the people of Austin, deserve a public hearing on the hiring or firing of the chief executive officer of Austin BEFORE the City Council makes their decision on March 29th. We have been denied a hearing, so we’re holding our own. Show up if you care about:

* Austin’s affordability crisis.
* Open government.
* Lobbyists running your city and running over your neighborhoods.

It is no coincidence that City Manager Marc Ott’s performance review comes simultaneous to a jaw-dropping defiance of open government.

Last week, City Legal counseled the City Council to fight Brian Rodgers’ lawsuit under the Texas Open Meetings Act related to their Pilot Knob decision. Rodgers is asking the Council to void and re-post their decision to transfer $50M in water impact fees away from our struggling water utility to the Pilot Knob “affordable housing” scheme.

Even the City Manager has admitted that the agenda wording gave no clue to the Council about what they were voting on.

You do understand what this means, right? Every seemingly innocuous agenda item can be a Trojan Horse.

Show up Austin – and bring your neighbors!  

Share this message across our wonderful, but nonetheless troubled city from here or on this Facebook event page.

We’re counting on you, Austin!

PS Why are we staying 10-1 is in danger? Geographic representation will be rendered hollow without open government. 

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