Making growth pay for itself!

Don’t let them take our parkland.

We just ran this full page ad in the Chronicle. Please take action and share it. We’ll be back with more soon!


Mayor Lee Leffingwell: 512-974-2250  *  
Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole: 512-974-2266  *
Councilman Chris Riley: 512-974-2260  *
Councilman Mike Martinez: 512-974-2264  *
Councilwoman Kathie Tovo: 512-974-2255  * 
Councilwoman Laura Morrison: 512-974-2258  *
Councilman Bill Spelman: 512-974-2256  *  

PS Y’all are invited to Wimberley on Saturday, November 22 to help put a stop to the water grabs…more here.

2 Responses to Don’t let them take our parkland.

  1. Stop pushing native austinites out of our families properties!! Bringing development in is causing taxes to poo ush residents out od our homes due to the high taxes!
    Austin has grown to fast, our cost has been HIGH! Increase taxes, crime,over crowded hi ways, and roads. Please do not take our Austin’s pride, our parks lakes, and beautiful green city.
    Dont create a friendly city to become a bitter city due to forced rapid grown from selling off our land acre by acre! We the people, owners of the land are not benefiting from it, where are we to GO?…I SAY NO!

  2. Thank you, Sylvia, for your passionate comment. We hope to see you tonight and/or on Thursday and spread the word please. Thank you again! Linda Curtis for

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