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Criminal complaint filed on SH-45


Criminal Complaint

Save Our Springs Alliance filed this criminal complaint this morning concerning Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty’s alleged violations (based on Daugherty’s own sworn testimony) of the Texas Public Information and Local Government Records Act. It appears that Gerald has been withholding and destroying records, holding committee meetings without notice to the public and not even taking minutes of these meetings, related to the SH-45 project.
Also today, Statesman transportation writer Ben Wear had this piece in paper (minus the criminal complaint). This confirms we’re looking at a 2-3 minute relief in drive time for Hays County commuters and piddling relief to Brodie. That’s what your $100M investment in SH-45 (the so-called toll road over the aquifer) gets ya!
This is the lunacy and legacy of traffic “relief” brought to you by your local and state officials. They are in our humble opinion, rolling over for Hays County land speculators and developers.

If you want to do something, you can send an email/letter from this site to Keep MoPAC local, but mark our words, your best bet is to start getting ready to clean house next November in the City Council races.

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  1. Keep MoPac local! Why don’t city officials and planners get to work on synchronizing traffic lights, reducing red light times on 360, and PSA’s to talk about driving courteously, responsibly and swiftly. Half of the town is drifting around like they’re high because they’re texting and they’re not only endangering everyone on the road they are slowing traffic down exponentially. It takes over a minute sometimes to get moving after a light turns green due to careless driving. THAT would help traffic and not cost us a fortune!

  2. Thanks Kinda and Brian for this exquisite news update!!!! Thanks to Save Our Springs Alliance for filing a lawsuit against Gerald Dougherty–the “now-you-see-me/now-you-don’t” Commissioner Precinct #3, who disappears to make the deals while the previous and “now-gone” Commissioner “kept a reserved seat for Dougherty warm” and returns to finalize deals made while in abstentia. So good to know his thieving actions and non-representative voice are exposed and hopefully fully seen by TC tax payers and citizens. Too long this scoundrel has allowed friends and political colleagues to “take land” not their own under his tutelage and protection, while he consistently paves (pun intended) the way for land speculators and out-of-town developers at tax payers expense and to the chagrined surprise if TC citizens. However, the SOSA vs. Dougherty lawsuit may need to be heard outside Travis County to even get testimony and evidence recorded by the Courts. Go forth and expose the crooks. Also be sure to sign the circulating Petition to Robert Pittman requesting investigation of CoA and TC Commissions Court!!!

  3. Agree with J. McCart: sign onto that Petition, check out ‘Reason for Signing’ for a few interesting questions, too, about several other Travis Commissioners who seem to be enamoured with ‘Roads’ – esp. in the vicinity of Circuit of the Americas F-1 Racetrack! Intriguing question(s) raised about whether Bernie Ecclestone’s M.O’$ were repeated in T/County in the same fashion as in Germany – where he goes on trial for Bribery in April (‘Bribee’s already doing time in Prison for accepting $43Million from Bernie)?- – Filing charges’s great: both sides can be deposed!-

  4. Last Tuesday I spoke to the Travis County Commissioners, asked them to consider the past and present environmental impact studies. “We all like clean water”, I stated. But I also shared that the vote to build SH-45 preceded House Bill 3588 – the legislation enabling current TXDOT policy to build or convert toll infrastructure. All TXDOT wants to do is build toll roads, because the end game is profit. SH-45, when built, will be a double-tax toll road – unless taxpayers stop it from happening and force the State of Texaas to keep faith with the citizens.

    I also reminded Gerald Daugherty and his colleagues that the contract between TXDOT and SH-130 stake-holders (investors) prohibits “competing infrastructure” and “building SH-45 might put taxpayers at risk of a lawsuit if enough traffic is siphoned off I-35 in favor of SH-45 rather than SH-130”; and,
    asked them to “please consult their legal advisers prior to their vote next Tuesday”.

    We can and must build the best multi-modal continuous-flow traffic system in the world for Austin to be a sustainable city of the future. But as I mentioned to the Travis County Commissioners, “I believe we live in a world of compromise; and that NOT allowing 150,000 new homes and businesses to be built around SH-45 will mitigate risk to the aquifer”. They can place those restrictions, and I will continue to stress that fact as our new commissioners take office in November.

  5. SOS helped write and the City of Austin adopted the SOS ordinance to protect the aquifer decades ago, dozens of projects have been constructed in compliance with the SOS ordinance and Barton Springs is fine, but if SH 45 is built in compliance with the SOS ordinance it will destroy the aquifer and Barton Springs. I am missing the logic on this, could someone explain it?

  6. Forget a toll road on Mopac. If we have that many millions sitting around, why not
    find a way to give that money back to our citizens in the form of cutting taxes? Government spending and taxing is breaking the back of its citizens.

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