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Sheriffs gone wild! Early voting ends this Friday! Vote for Eckhardt

Get this! The Travis County Sheriffs Law Enforcement Association is attacking Sarah
Eckhardt with a $10K donation from Gary Farmer! Why? Because Sarah Eckhardt tried
to rein them in from a whopping 11% pay increase -- when they're the highest paid
force in the state!

Farmer is a Republican "heavy hitter" who gave Greg Abbott $50K, Andy Brown $2500,
and is a Formula 1 Booster, and a big cheese at the Chamber of Commerce and Real
Estate Council.
We butted heads with Farmer in 2008 when he played a pivotal role in ensuring the
Domain luxury mall continued to receive lavish taxpayer subsidies. (Farmer also 
personally testified against prevailing wages as a requirement for another city 
subsidy, the Marriott Hotel).

Now get this! The ungrateful Sheriffs are putting out false claims that Sarah Eckhardt
should be rejected because she "voted for her own pay raise." This is...pardon the
phrase...a bunch of hogwash!

The truth is:

Eckhardt not only tried to ratchet back the Sheriff's demands for 11%, but she also
refused to take her own pay increases repeatedly, and even when the County made 
an accounting error sending her too much, she sent it back!
Get your friends out, folks. In a small turnout counts a whole helluva

Early voting ends this Friday. Here's where you can go to vote. 
Thanks to many of you who gave to Sarah, she's running this ad now on TV. Watch 
& share!
[youtuber vimeo='']
Sarah Eckhardt Campaign Commercial, Vote for Sarah in the Democratic Primary for
 Travis County Judge! 
Come on now Austin, we've done a lot of the work for YOU.
Use our YOU DECIDE page here.
page to get the job done!

* Help voters check their voter information.
* Send out our videos and ask 10 friends to vote for Sarah and Brigid Shea.
* Print out our "Wonder Woman" flier for Sarah.
* Volunteer! 

Let's trim a little fat off the hogs y'all, including the highest paid
Sheriffs in the state!

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