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What’s the damn hurry on F1? (We need money for the fight!)

What’s the damn hurry on Formula 1?

Answer: Randi Shade could be gone by June 23rd when the Council votes on it!

In the midst of massive cut backs and layoffs, Austin voters are telling us they are UNEQUIVOCALLY OPPOSED to this misuse of taxpayer dollars.

Watch this 3 minute video of Susan Moffat, former legislative researcher, local activist and wife one of the founders of South by Southwest who nailed it at yesterday’s City Council meeting.

The hogs are at the trough – take action OR give us some of your dough to fight for you.

Susan Moffat - Formula One
Susan Moffat – Formula One

Pull the Shade, elect Kathie Tovo and send the F1 billionaires a message:  Pay Your Own Way — like us regular taxpayers!

1.  Click here, print out the flier and take it to your neighbors.

2.  We’ve got tons of phone calls you can do from home — call us to help!

(Need to make some extra money — call us!)

3.  Early voting locations — pass to all your friends.   Early voting is now through Thursday, June 16th.  Election day is Saturday, June 18th.

2 Responses to What’s the damn hurry on F1? (We need money for the fight!)

  1. Your tone is hysterical and misleading; I personally know dozens of Austinites who are solidly for this project and I’m not a ‘car guy’.

    Do you understand that ONE day of ACL puts more carbon into the air than all three days of a Formula One weekend?

  2. We — and many Austinites — are not opposed to F1. We are opposed to using tax dollars to fund it, particularly at this time. And, if you look into it, as our policy wonk friends have (who testified with real data on Thursday to the City Council), you will see how clearly the Comptroller cooked the books. Pulitzer prize winning journalist and tax expert, David Cay Johnston, just wrote about it — go to, and said the subsidy package for this deal is fraught with fuzzy math. This one is an even more no-brainer than the city giving tax subsidies to the Domain shopping mall — another stinky giveaway to insider friends of City Hall. If that’s hysterical, get me some prozac please.

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