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Susan Moffat Speaks Out Against Formula 1


Susan Moffat, unlike some Council members who are cowtowing to their Formula 1 billionaire buddies, nails it — this Formula 1 deal is such a taxpayer rip off. So, what’s the City’s big rush? To make sure they have a vote for it from Randi Shade, just in case she’s defeated by Kathie Tovo this next week in the runoff election.

Pull the Shade people! Early polls are open through Thurs., June 16. Election day is June 18th. The city is going to vote on this turkey on June 23rd.

3 Responses to Susan Moffat Speaks Out Against Formula 1

  1. I feel that Formula One is a terrible economic decision for Austin. The racetrack belongs in a city like Bryan-College Station where the population will actually enjoy the sport. Austin needs to preserve our dedication to the environment and not allow money to dictate what happens here.

  2. F1 is a Terrible economic & environmental deal for austin. send them to some other texas local if they feel they must be in texas. this if not AUSTIN’s image or need.

  3. Well the measure supporting F1 passed 5-2 even after the shakedown job for a venue that isn’t even w/in Austin city limits.

    Fortunately the fear mongers who chose to lie and obfuscate about the benefits of this venture, which will cost Austin nothing and yet benefit Austin economically, and benefit the University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering immensely, have been defeated by reason.

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