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No time to rest on Tovo victory, Contact the council NOW – postpone the F1 vote!


Congratulations to Kathie Tovo and Austin voters. We don’t have time to rest on this victory folks!  The Austin City Council is rushing the Formula 1 vote without allowing the public to see the documents.“It’s done in a week’s time to avoid public scrutiny, and that’s exactly the opposite of what would be in the public’s interest.” Bill Spelman criticizing the 2003 rushed Domain Mall subsidy voteCity staff is playing hide-and-seek with the Formula 1 contract and economic has called Austin City Council members to postpone a vote on Formula 1 this Thursday.   The vote is only 72 hours away.  We can’t honestly tell you what and how much City money is still involved in this deal.  There’s no reason to rush a decision that would — regardless — trigger a $25MM per year for 10 years taxpayer subsidy by the state of Texas that the Comptroller continues to push.

Read our press release below.  Then please either call the Council at 974-2000 (ask for each by name, Mayor Leffingwell and Council members Martinez, Cole, Shade, Morrison, Spelman and Riley OR email them all here.

Watch the news tomorrow on Formula 1 for additional news!

Message to City Council

Postpone the Vote, Let Tovo deliberate, Respect the Voters!

Richard Viktorin, of Audits in the Public Interest in Austin, Texas, is a CPA and a former director at Texas Department of Commerce who worked in economic development. Vitktorin offered critical and well documented testimony to the Austin City Council on June 9.  Viktorin’s points were that State Comptroller Susan Combs “gamed” the numbers to justify the plan for the state to subsidize Formula 1 racing and did it in violation of the spirit of transparency in government.  Viktorin is now‘s call upon the Austin City Council to delay Thursday’s vote on Formula 1 until newly elected member, Kathie Tovo, takes her seat on the Council in late July.

Viktorin’s point is, “The public has not yet seen the F1 contract nor F1’s economic impact study which was promised no later than last week. Council may vote this Thursday to allow the City Manager to both negotiate and execute the contract with F1.  Once the city signs a deal, this will trigger $25MM per year for 10 years from the state of Texas, with the possibility of amounts much higher than $25MM going to F1 annually.  City Council is ducking the issue and passing the buck to the City Manager.  They are dodging their obligation to the citizens of Austin.  Delay the vote.   This will also respect Saturday night’s election results and allow Kathie Tovo to deliberate on this important issue.” founder, Brian Rodgers, broke the story last Spring on the City Council’s open meetings violations, one reason for Randi Shade’s defeat last Saturday.  Rodgers said, “If Formula 1 is such a good deal, surely it can withstand a thorough review by its critics.  Let’s allow Kathie Tovo a chance to deliberate on this, out of respect to the voters of Austin.”


8 Responses to No time to rest on Tovo victory, Contact the council NOW – postpone the F1 vote!

  1. please put my name on petition, if there is one, to delay F1 vote
    thank you very much

  2. There’s no petition – yet. Right now, we need you to contact the City council — all of them — and ask them to postpone Thursday’s vote and let Kathie Tovo deliberate on this subsidy.

  3. Where’s the link for sending emails to the council? It was omitted from the email you sent and I don’t see it here.

  4. My message to the stinky council:

    Austin ISD fired tons of teachers but you expect to shell out money for the race track, build a retarded light display under I-35 that costs us 2 MILLION dollars, and the AISD superintendant makes 240K a year. Where do you people learn how to add and subtract???

  5. Sent to City Council:

    Kathy Tovo beat Randy Shade emphasizing opposition to the F1 pork. City Council should, indeed, listen to the public and not vote on the F1 package, in any way, until Tovo is seated. This is a case where at-large council seats allow the City Council to hear the will of the entire city.

    That will is that you should delay the vote until Tovo is seated.

  6. If this F1 Deal is SO good for the taxpayers and citizens of Austin, lets see the contract.

    Transparency in government, folks.

    Alan R. Weiss
    Co-Founder and CTO Waldo Networks, Inc.

  7. Thanks, Linda. Sent:
    I do hope you will respect the voters of Austin and defer making significant financial commitments until they can be fully considered by members who enjoy the confidence of those voters.

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