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Join us in Taking Back Austin! Forward this message or forever hold your peace!

Please join us in taking back our great city of Austin.  Forward this message to your Austin voting friends or send it out through your online social networks:

My friends at endorsed Kathie Tovo for Austin City Council.  Saturday, June 18th, is your last chance to vote in this runoff election.  Polls are open 7 to 7.

I am supporting Kathie Tovo because I agree with that we cannot afford another term of Randi Shade who has shown zero fiscal restraint, voting for every property tax and utility hike put before her.  Meanwhile, Council Member Shade is taking contributions from developers who who are reaping great benefits by offloading the costs of growth on to Austin residents.  And, least we forget, her contributors include the promoters of Formula 1, owned by billionaires, who are continuing to seek a taxpayer subsidy while telling us otherwise.

It’s time for a new voice on the Council — Kathie Tovo — who has already helped save the city $40M, facing down a portion of the Formula 1 giveaway.  We look forward to doing so much more with Kathie to take back our city and the taxpayer dollars needed for basic city services.

Find your poll site here.

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