Making growth pay for itself!

Growth Must Pay For Itself!

On Monday, September 13th, 2010, the Austin City Council raised water rates and property taxes in the midst of a recession, despite receiving thousands of petitions and phone calls. Amid declining property values, Austinites will pay higher property taxes and utility bills under the 2010-11 budget the City Council passed Monday.” Austin American-Statesman.

The Wasteful 4 - Mayor Leffingwell and Council Members Shade, Cole and Martinez, insist on building a $1.3 billion bloated water treatment plant we may never need.

Sign the voter pledge

Council member Randi Shade is the only member of the Wasteful 4 that is up for reelection next May.

Sign the voter pledge for the May 2011 election for a new City Council Member who will take our mantra into the next election:


We have only just begun to fight.  (John Paul Jones, Revolutionary War Hero)

To print out the Voter Pledge click here.  For more on Water Treatment Plant#4 and the cost of growth watch the videos to the right and go here.

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