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Valentine's Day Massacre of Backroom Dealmaking-Join Us Today!

Need another reason to show up today, Saturday, Feb. 14 for the Valentine’s Day Massacre of Backroom Dealmaking, 3-5 pm at Nuevo Leon (1501 E. 6th St), to hear Dr. Bill Spelman, City Council Place 5 candidate for Austin City Council? 

Let’s ask Bill:
1.    Why — just this Thursday– the City delayed a decision, until after the May election, to break its word (remember Keep Austin’s Word???) on a 10 year old agreement he helped carve between environmentalists and developers, to curb development over the aquifer?  
2.    Why do most candidates turn against the people once they take office? 
3.    What pressures keep officials from representing taxpayers & local businesses.
4.    What’s happens with Austin at 2 million people? Who pays???

Brian Rodgers, co-founder of, will update us on his meeting with three Austin City Council members and members of the Chamber of Commerce to discuss a new transparency ordinance.  Remember the Chamber who helped line up that $400,000 deceptive ad buy to bury Prop 2 with “Keep Austin’s Word” bull?  

We’re getting set to mobilize 30,000 voters in May. 

Change begins at home.

 Join here so you can vote on our endorsements at our March 14th meeting.

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